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Stride Buds is a unique platform where impressionable minds of innocent children are put to logical and, interesting technologies, so that they can discover the Einstein inside at the early stage, and refine it to become the next big name.

Wish A Design has been a part of this beautiful venture through its dedication and skills poured into via website design,logo design,graphics design, print media design and, digital marketing strategies.

Services Provided

Website Design

Wish A Design built and designed StrideBuds’ new website.

Logo Design

Wish A Design designed a new logo for StrideBuds.


Graphic Design

Wish A Design produced many graphics and posters for Stridebuds website.


Brochure Design

Wish A Design designed and edited the entire brochure of StrideBuds.

Digital Marketing

Wish A Design acts like the Marketing group for StrideBuds Company.


Video Design

Wish A Design helped Stride Buds with Video Design.


Posters Design

Wish A Design created quite attractive posters and banners for Stride Buds Events.

Video Designed

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